irritation, constipation & puppy infatuation

So this morning I called the pediatrician’s office and our doctor was not in the office today.  The PA who saw Ryan on Thursday, and is fabulous by the way, thought we should go to Children’s ER because of his symptoms.  So we packed a bag and off we went.  I will be nice and not say what a bunch of morons the Children’s ER staffs (oops, did I say that out loud?).  Never have been good keeping my opinions to myself, have I?!  Can you tell I was slightly irritated? Anyway, back to the non-morons in the ER… you have to remember I am an ER nurse so I’m slightly biased and opinionated about how we should be treated.  And let’s just say I was less than pleased with the care we received.  The triage nurse, who was very nice by the way, asked us about Ryan’s allergies and medications which is fine, but when we got to the room, we didn’t see the nurse until after the doctor came in and told us he wanted to start with an abdominal xray which I expected.  She came in and told us to put Ryan in a gown and keep him upright for ten minutes before someone came to get him.  That’s it.  No questions, no interaction with Ryan, no assessment.  Then the doctor came back in and said “Ryan is constipated” and that there is no reason to keep him so he’ll get our discharge paperwork ready.  We saw the nurse one last time for about two  minutes and came back home.  Travis and I were both less than pleased with our time there and have vowed we will never go to that ER again.  Now I have to say something nice about the hospital – the hospital staff on the floors at Children’s is another story; they are wonderful and everyone we’ve met while inpatient has been great there. 

I am not at all convinced the doctor is right.  From the symptoms Ryan is having, I think his intestines are stopping again but we’ll wait a few days and see how he does then either go to my ER (which is what we should have done in the first place) or convince the doctor to do an outpatient xray to see if anything has changed.  In the mean time we did another enema tonight and will do another one tomorrow.  The issue is that if nothing moves on its own, the enemas aren’t going to fix the problem.  This is very frustrating, but it is what it is and we’ll just deal with it. 

Brad was home sick today and will be home again tomorrow.  He has a lovely stomach flu and was up several times last night vomiting.  Now he is weak, tired and has a headache so he’ll stay home tomorrow and rest.  Sidney is a Pound Pal so she spent a majority of her day setting up and getting ready for the Humann fifth graders to tour the junior high then led some of them – including Trevor – on a tour and ate lunch with them.  Trevor had a great time and is very excited to get out of elementary school.  He is looking forward to lots of fun trips and activities coming up as he finishes his years at Humann.  I can’t believe my baby is old enough for junior high already but I know he’ll love it. 

Travis saw the ortho doctor again today who said his foot is still healing and to allow a full six months before the bone is completely healed but he is doing well.  And our sweet little puppy Chewie is doing great.  He has turned out to be a very sweet, laid back dog who is fluffy and cute as can be.  And he has become Travis’s baby.  Just today Chewie was sitting at the top of the basement stairs whining and crying because Travis went down there, and the dog still won’t go down those stairs.  I said, “Chewie hush!” and Travis replied, as I rolled my eyes, “don’t talk to my baby like that.  He misses his daddy”.  Good grief.  No wonder the dog sleeps in our bed!

One thought on “irritation, constipation & puppy infatuation

  1. Hi,
    Sorry Ryan is having such a hard time with his bowel movements. This is not a fune thing. I have had bowel blockeage and I cried and I was a grown woman. I felt like I just wanted to die. Have a girl friend in the hospital with this now.
    Praying God will get things moving and he will feel better and be healed from all this.
    Loved your story on the dog. Funny. Sound like you all be busy with your other sone having the flu and everything else going on.
    God Bless,

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