Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms!

It’s been a beautiful day except that I am not feeling the best.  I have had a sinus infection this week and today am fighting a headache, fatigue and general achiness.  I feel pretty blah but it’s still been a good day.  After church this morning Travis grilled steaks and his parents came over for a few hours. And in Travis’s quick wit and endless humor, he decided to join in the picture taking with this pose.  Never a dull moment!

Mother’s Day can be hard for me because it reminds me how much I am missing out with my mom.  We were always very close and not having her here to celebrate the joys and cry together in the tough seasons is still tough at times, even after almost 12 yrs since Jesus took her home.  No one can ever replace a mom but I have to say, I have several really wonderful older women in my life who bless me with their love and life lessons. 

Ryan is still not back to his new normal as I call it.  We did the huge doses of Miralax last week which caused severe diarrhea but once we went back to the normal daily dose, he stopped pooping again.  He still has several periods each day when he is in pain and has neurological symtpoms I’ve mentioned before – nystagmus in the eyes, shakes, unable to walk.  It’s very strange how he reacts after getting his meds in either the G or J tube.  So, I’ll call the GI doctors again tomorrow and see what they suggest.  I’m not sure what is going on but I know we can’t continue to give him large doses of laxatives; that can’t be good on him long term.  We’ll see what this week brings.



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Happy Mother’s Day . . .I know you are missing your mom. Mine has been gone since 1972, and I still sometimes wish I could talk to her. You, Kim, are a fantastic mom!! Your kids will have wonderful memories. I am sorry to hear that Ryan is still having such problems. . .will pray for drs wisdom, and for resolution.

  2. Happy Mothers Day a day late, but really everyday is mothers day Kim. The picture was funny of your hubby. So praying for Ryan to feel better. Praise the Lord you had a good ties with your Mom when she was alive. I did , but my Mom turn JW after I got married and really didn’t have much to do with me after that. Never saw her the last 7 years she lived. I always loved her dearly . I went through a griefing period when she stop having anything to do with my family. My sister got her into it and also my one brother wife got him into it and my youngest sister got into it. Just my oldest brother, my Dad and me didn’t.
    Have a good week.

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