a great summer

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well and having a great summer! Boy has  it seemed that the summer has flown by!

Well Ryan is doing ok. We have definitely seen a lot more seizures from him than we had before. He has had a nice time at the pool with us kids and with the babysitters. He loves watching us jump in / pushing us in the pool and splash as long as he doesn’t get too wet or if it’s not too sunny out. We have noticed an increase with him sleeping, as in taking 3-4 naps a day. He is really happy too! Which is very nice to see!

As of us older kids, we have been enjoying the pool that our very kind neighbors have been letting us swim in whenever we want to. Also we have had a lot of time with our friends! Brad is still enjoying weight lifting, and he is starting a golf clinic tomorrow for the next two days. Trevor is enjoying baseball and definitely enjoying the pool most out of the 3 of us kids. I’m extremely excited to go to Iowa this weekend and see my grandpa and grandpa (my mom’s dad and step-mom). We will just be hanging out with them and enjoying the time we get to spend up at the farm. We are only going for one night, so it will be short but extremely fun!

As of mom and dad, they have both had some crazy hectic schedules. Everything from work to playing taxi and driving us wherever we want to go! (We kids are definitely grateful for what they do for us. Especially for letting us have SO much freedom!!) My mom hasn’t been feeling the best, with a cold. 😦  Dad has been home cooking and baking some REALLY yummy stuff that we really appreciate him doing!

~ Sidney

3 thoughts on “a great summer

  1. Sounds like your having a GREAT summer! Nice to have neighbors with a pool too! : ) Just think, it won’t be long until Brad and you can play taxi taking your folks places. Won’t that be fun? LOL. Hope your mom gets feeling better soon and enjoy chef Travis’ goodies!

  2. Your summer sound like you are enjoying it and it will be nice to see your grandparents. Praying for Ryan everyday and glad he enjoys seeing you all swim. That is something I never learn to do. Wish I would have.
    Thanks for the updates and Gid bless you all.
    Love & prayers,

  3. First off…….Great job on the blog post,Sidney. Sounds like your all having a great summer so far. I agree the summer is going by way to fast. All I got to do besides working is i was on a two week vacation in May to NC,loved going to the beach and spending time with my family out there. By Christmas time my very first great niece or nephew should arrive,so looking forward and very excited to a new baby in the family and of course to becoming a great auntie. I will continue to pray for Ryan that his seizures subside but happy to hear he is enjoying his time with his siblings and having a great summer so far. I hope your mom gets to feeling better soon too. Oh and your dad can send me some of them yummy treats to me any time. Have a great rest of the week and weekend at the farm. Take care and a big hello to the rest of the family.

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