made me smile

I was reading Ryan’s old caringbridge blog this morning at work and found some cute things the kids said and wrote and have to share them with you.  They made me smile!

Friday, November 10, 2006 12:01 PM CST

How to Go Sledding – by Brad McClintick
(this was a school assignment last week)

Do you want to know how to go sledding? Anybody, anybody, okay, you do. Well here is how. First, you see if the snow is adleast six inches. And if it is you ask your parents. If they say yes, prepare to go. Second, get three shirts, a coat, a pair of winter gloves, swett pants, and thick nylon pants over the swett pants, a hat, two sleds and a happy dad, and a happy brother and sister. Third, go to a place where you know a hill is for example, by the library and the Cooper YMCA. Fourth, drive to the hill you are going to. Finally, you get out of your car, get the sleds and go up the hill with the sleds, your brother, sister and dad. Then you sit on the sled, have your dad give you a push and ZOOM! Down the hill you go! 25 mph! That is how to go sledding.

OK this one broke me heart….

This is not what kids should be thinking about in a Thanksgiving card to their family. At least God has blessed her with sensitivity and insight.

“Dear family,
I’m thankful you are a part of my family. I love you all. To mom and dad, it is hard with Ryan. I hope you do not think you are a bad mom and a bad dad. I love you.
Love, Sidney M.”

Monday, November 20, 2006 8:03 AM CST

Love this one ~

March 9, 2006 – Trevor said something cute today. He asked what happens if you lose a parent tooth. After I told him it’s called an adult tooth, I said the dentist makes a fake one that looks like the real ones. He said, so you get a paper tooth? Where do they think up this stuff?

Sakes alive do I  miss these years of cute saying!!!

November 16, 2005 ~ I asked Trevor today if he is still sucking his thumb at night when he sleeps. His reply was “Only on Tuesdays, Mom.” I thought that was cute. In other words, “Yes, Mom, I do suck my thumb but I know I’m not supposed to so if I say I only do it one day a week, you won’t be upset with me.”

Oh Ryan….

February 8, 2011 ~ Stuff in the fridge is not intended to become wall decorations.  Case in point….the other day I walked past the staircase to find a nearly full carton of sour cream all over the walls and splattered on nearly every step. You guessed it. Ryan carried the carton and threw it down the steps. I’m sure he enjoyed watching to explode everywhere although I can’t say I had the same level of enjoyment cleaning all that stuff up. Good thing the dog likes sour cream.

One of  my all time favorites ~

Travis after church:  Sidney, what did you talk about in Sunday school today?  Sidney: We learned about the story when Jesus went to a party and turned the water into beer.  Travis:  Well that must have been some party!

And some things simply never change!

Feb 13, 2010 ~ I wish my kids could, without being told or reminded, do things like put their dishes in the dishwasher, vacuum the floors when they notice they need to be done, do their own laundry and not complain they have nothing clean to wear, refill the toilet paper when the roll is empty, stop leaving empty cereal boxes in the pantry, quit growing up so darn fast.

One thought on “made me smile

  1. Oh mom! I was laughing at the tumb one and the beer! Oh the things you just don’t remember! I love you! Great post! One thing to add that points to the boys, clean your room when you notice you can’t walk in it!! Lol!

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