oh fall, i’m lovin’ you


I love the falling leaves, the cooler, soggy weather, the changing colors outside my door. And I’m really enjoying my comfy pajama pants with my mismatched old t-shirts and tried and true sweatshirts. Fall is just a cozy time of year. I love the smell of a good fire paired with the sound of crunching leaves. And then there is hot soup, homemade bread, pumpkin and cinnamon and everything fall.

And speaking of changing seasons, Brad turns 16 in thirty something days. He can tell you exactly since he is counting down. We are in the season of saying goodbye to another great year of high school football, making sure he is ready to drive, trying to find a reasonably priced reliable car, being astounded at our rising insurance costs, getting excited he won’t need rides soon, talking about where he is going to apply for jobs. So much change but it’s a fun season watching him mature and expand his independence.

And sweet Sidney is a blast. She is the one who asked me to take her to Target so she could spend some birthday money then informed me as we were checking out it was time for a sit down. We grabbed our Dt Cokes and sat over warm salty popcorn and a big buttery pretzel and talked. She asked me how I’m doing, we talked about school, friends, drama, real life hurts and hangups and disappointments. She has such a heart for others and doesn’t miss a spoken word, a gentle touch, a look that speaks of a hurting heart, an opportunity to whisper God’s truth into someone’s life. She is growing up so fast and has a maturity beyond her years.

Trevor brings a smile to my face and laughter to my heart. He is the one who made steamed broccoli for his bed time snack while discussing the ins and outs of football and the differences between Hinduism and Christianity. Boy when you get that kid talking does he spew all kinds of knowledge. He doesn’t forget anything. I love watching him talk about his Halloween plans with friends and see the childish excitement on his face. Trevor loves a good backyard tackle football game with his buddies and gets excited about blueberry muffins and eating around the table together.

Little Ryan is in the midst of all kinds of change. He is newly ten but is so big and solid. His new braces are in and just this morning we had him fit for a new wheelchair. That was hard. Neither of us wanted to admit he needs more than an umbrella stroller on steroids but we chose a burnt orange one that will suit his future needs. And because of the increase in his occipital lobe seizures and how they are affecting his day to day life, we are hospitalizing him again for another video EEG run. He will be admitted at UNMC on Monday, November 11th. Hopefully we won’t be stuck in the PICU for more than two or three nights but this needs to be done. As Travis says, Ryan has so much spunk and desire to interact and engage with everyone that we owe it to him to give him the best quality of life he can have. And if that means we try med changes – again – then that’s what we will do. These times of change are always so hard on the heart. But it’s a season. Ryan’s giggles fill the room, his ornery antics keep us on our toes and his sweet smile brings sunshine to our home.

I start a new job tomorrow and while I am nervous, I’m also very excited. I am praying I will love this new adventure and will thrive in it. It’s amusing to me when God opens a door we would otherwise never have glanced at. I will share more after I’ve been there for a bit. Travis is good and keeping busy with work, kids, errands, coffee with friends. He can always find things to fill his day and never runs out of amusing stories and humor for the rest of us. Much of the laughter, joking and wrestling that goes on in these four walls starts with him.

Blessings and love to you all. I pray you feel the presence of God in your life today whatever the day brings and know He is enough. He is always enough.

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