pioneers park

Today was the perfect day to snap a few pictures of the kids at Pioneers Park.










Monday morning Ryan will be admitted to UNMC’s pediatric ICU for another video EEG monitoring adventure. I’m hoping we will only be there for two or three nights and am curious, but nervous, to find out how bad his seizures really are. We already know they are in both hemispheres and have now moved all the way back to his occipital lobe. As always I promise to keep you updated and post some pictures. Even though we’ve done this more times than I can count, it is always difficult to put him back in the hospital and the older kids never escape the fear and worry. We appreciate your prayers.

One thought on “pioneers park

  1. Love seeing the pictures. Really good looking family there and wasn’t the trees just beautiful this fall? I hate picking them up. Really not my job but I don’t like them to track into the apts.
    My son in law and daughter owes the building I am in. That is why I help out some.
    Sure behind in your up dates.

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