and the day is here

Last night we went to Red Robin to celebrate Brad’s 16th birthday which is today. The kids have youth group tonight so we went yesterday instead. I love watching how proud Sidney and Trevor are of their big brother – and excited because he can drive them around!


The kids gave Brad an early present so he could arrange his car before driving this morning. They got him stuff for his car – ice scraper, shovel, hand sanitizer, gum, deodorant, pen and paper, chap stick, air freshener, gloves, a first aid kit. He loved it; I had to laugh watching Sidney help him arrange everything in his car and telling him why things should go in certain places. Leave it to a girl to arrange a boy’s life!


The day is here when my big baby has turned 16. I’m so proud of him and love the young man he has become. He’s a great kid and has a heart of gold. I love his laid back, fun loving personality and great sense of humor.


And the traditional birthday donut….


Love that big smile as he drove off! Happy birthday, Brad!


2 thoughts on “and the day is here

  1. Brad happy belated birthday. You look really happy. Please drive safe . Also have a blanket in your car during winter months if you get stopped and can’t go, can cover up with it to keep warm.

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