There isn’t a lot to report around here but I thought I’d post some pictures since the last couple of times I’ve tried it didn’t work and I got some error message instead. These are just a few from Christmas morning. Ryan woke up long enough for us to drag him to the couch then he fell right back to sleep and didn’t wake again for several hours. The kids thought it was important to at least tuck his stocking under his arm so he could sort of participate.








This is Nathan, one of Brad’s very best friends, who lives in Denver and stayed with us for the last week of Christmas break. They had a wonderful time and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures until he was ready to leave for the airport. We all love this guy!



And of course Travis had to get in there and photo bomb the two who were already being goofballs. It reminded me of when he photo bombed the next picture a couple years ago on Mother’s Day. That time I had no idea he was behind us. Yes, my husband loves to be silly. I never know what to expect from him except that he will make people laugh!


mothers day

I was reminded again tonight that some day, these moments of laughter, being silly together, hanging out at home with all the kids and their friends, baking and cooking and grocery shopping all the time to keep the kids and all their friends happy….these are the moments that make life important. Spending time with the kids and their friends whether filling their stomachs or more importantly their hearts….these are the things that matter. Some day I will miss the noise and constant commotion so for today, I’m going to treasure the big things.


3 thoughts on “pictures

  1. GREAT family pictures! reveals the love of a very special family – we can see you had a wonderful Christmas! Blessings to each of you for a great NEW YEAR! ~Jim & Carol

  2. Hi everyone.
    Happy New year to all of you.
    Praying for Ryan daily and strength for all of you. Sure is windy today. Praying for all who are traveling in this. Glad to see the pictures of the family and your children. God Bless you all.

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