conflicting reports

Today Ryan’s GI doctor looked at his abdominal xray and said he doesn’t see a bowel obstruction. This doctor said he probably just has a virus that is affecting his motility. It’s very frustrating when one doctor says there is an obstruction then the next doctor say no there isn’t. So, we are waiting until Thursday to see if he improves and if not, we’ll reassess and go from there. I’m quite frustrated with this whole mess but am still believing whatever it is, Ryan will improve and be back to his normal self by the weekend. One of the kids was very upset last night and said “I feel like God is stabbing us in the back”. I get where she is coming from, so last night I prayed God would show His goodness and mercy to our family over the next week before we leave. We appreciate all the prayers and concern for Ryan. Please keep praying for a full, quick recovery so we can keep him out of the hospital and go enjoy our trip next week. I’ll keep you updated. Much love.

2 thoughts on “conflicting reports

  1. Praying with you Kimberly. So hard to reconcile in our minds, yet we know God remains Faithful & Good through it all. Praying for renewed and deepening confidence in His Sovereignty.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your positivity and faith amaze me. You are such wonderful mother. I will continue to pray for Ryan and your entire family.

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