awake and moving

Praise God! Ryan’s intestines have finally woken up and things are moving. We are still taking things very slowly and conservatively with formula and food. He is only getting Pedialye every two hours and we are not allowing him to eat anything until Monday just so his intestines don’t have to work to digest formula and food. He’s also getting Zofran twice a day. Best of all, he is stooling which is the most important thing. He is still sleeping a lot but when he is awake his spirits are good. I know he’s feeling better because Friday night he was in the kitchen opening then slamming the freezer door shut while laughing hysterically.

I can’t say enough how thankful we are for your prayers and encouragement. One of my dear friends showed up one night with tulips, ice cream, cookies and candies. Another sent a card of encouragement and others have called, emailed and texted. It’s been an emotional two weeks but as always, the Great Physician came through in His perfect timing and is restoring Ryan’s health. And without a hospitalization! Ryan’s GI system is so fragile but God is taking care of everything. My faith has been stretched and I’m thankful for these lessons.

Thank you again for your prayers. We are looking forward to a relaxing week on the beach and I am really looking forward to getting some relief from my allergies! We love you all!

2 thoughts on “awake and moving

  1. Praise God! You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Excited for your family. Will be praying for a smooth, stress free flight

  2. Hello Kim and Travis, We have been praying for Ryan and you guys this past week! Also for the older kids dealing with insensitive comments from teachers. I can’t believe that! Anyway, Praise God for whom all Blessings flow! Have a wonderful, wonderful trip!!!

    Love, Mel and Roberta F.

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