up and down

We’ve got a busy few days ahead of us trying to get things done, pack, tie up loose ends. But it’s exciting, and we have our itinerary which looks fun. The kids are starting to get excited finally but are still very reserved, and I can’t blame them. Travis took Ryan to get his new wheelchair and bath chair this morning and while there Ryan threw up again. I’ve decided his intestines may have woken up but his stomach is still struggling to empty (gastroparesis). We’ve dealt with this many times and will have to take things a little slower with his feedings than we thought. Hopefully some new meds and an adjustment to his feeding schedule is all he will need to be on the road to healing. Please continue to pray with us that the Lord will bring healing to Ryan’s little body so he can fully enjoy this trip and have the energy to engage and experience it all with us without needing extra naps. I know God is faithful and have experienced His mercy many times. So I’m choosing to walk by faith in this and believe Ryan will be completely healed by the time we leave for our trip which is only two days away.

Hebrews 11 says faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. I’m hoping for healing to Ryan’s tummy problems which remains unseen at this time. I love how this chapter gives so many examples of people in the Bible walking by faith. In fact, the words BY FAITH are used nineteen times here. I think God definitely wants us to understand He can do His greatest work when we are walking by faith and not by reason, justification, sight or facts. He uses the unknown, the fear, the seemingly impossible to show us all He can accomplish when we have faith.

By faith I’m believing God will heal Ryan’s stomach. By faith I’m believing God will give Ryan energy to enjoy his Make a Wish trip. By faith I’m believing God will bless us with a week full of wonderful memories to cherish for a life time. By faith I’m believing God allowed the events of the past two weeks to happen right before we leave for reasons I do not understand. By faith I’m believing God will take my fears and worry and instead fill me with peace.

Please pray with us and for us. We covet your prayers and thank God for each one of you and the blessing you are to our family. Much love!

4 thoughts on “up and down

  1. Continuing to pray and am excited what the Lord will do for all of you on this amazing trip. What memories and blessings it will bring.

  2. We are praying that you have an amazing trip and that everything goes well. Including healing Ryan and an smooth plane ride. Milt and Janet

  3. Kim,
    I had no idea of your sons illness! Seeing you at volleyball tournaments I would never have thought you were dealing with so much. Sidney is such a positive spirit and Jackie has enjoyed being her teammate and friend. I will be thinking of you and praying that the entire family enjoys a wonderful trip.

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