our room

DSC_0417Here are a few more random pictures with several of our room. Our accommodations were very nice and it was very relaxing and quiet. I think this is enough photos (there are four more posts of pictures below this one) but there will be more coming. We were blessed with professional pictures so I will post those after they are edited and sent to us.

I have to say, Make A Wish really went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. The trip was relaxing, stress free and fun. We had so much fun as a family and enjoyed every minute. The activities were a great balance of relaxation and adventure. This is a trip we will all cherish for years and we were so very blessed by the generosity of so many who give to Make A Wish. Thank you, too, for all your prayers for Ryan’s health. We were very worried as we flew down to Miami because Ryan did not do well that first day. By the grace of God, Ryan’s energy returned, his GI system worked as it should and he was able to enjoy lots of chicken strips and French fries which are his very favorite foods. God has been so very gracious in His provision of this trip and His perfect timing to bring healing to Ryan’s body so he could have fun and enjoy our time away.

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