mother’s day

My young years were shaped by a lady who became my dearest friend, who taught me to laugh til I cried and taught my sisters and me the game of Nerts. She left a legacy of love and acceptance, of knowing when to say I’m sorry and giving grace in the hard moments. She loved Jesus well and modeled how to praise Him when life was as hard as it can get. And even in her dying breath, she was thanking her Savior for a wonderful life full of blessings.

My life is rich and bountiful with the four joys I have the privilege of loving on every single day. As the years pass, my kids need me less physically but ever so much more emotionally. I have had to humbly ask for forgiveness of them many times for saying the wrong thing, using a harsh tone, being impatient, not listening well, putting my own desires above theirs. I’m not a perfect mom but I do try. I certainly give my best to my kids, but at times I have given them my worst. My goal is always to teach them to seek forgiveness in the mess. Life isn’t fair is one I often say, trying to teach them disappointments will come. And at the same time, we celebrate victories and achievements, no matter how small. As my babies get older with the passing years, I am cherishing the relationship changes and realize how very much I enjoy these teenage years. They don’t need me to zip their coats or tie their shoes, I don’t make them breakfast every day, they don’t need me to find a bandaid when they cut a finger, I don’t tuck them into bed and read them stories or scrub shampoo in their hair. Those moments are gone. In their place is a more mature relationship where feelings are exposed, dreams are shared, fears are found and security and acceptance are relished. As our kids age and prepare to make their own place in the world, I am loving the moments of teaching them the realities of life outside the family home and modeling skills to see them through their adult lives. The most beautiful moments are those spread out on the family room couch, lying on the floor and curled up in the chair as we share our hearts with each other and pray together. Of all the things I have modeled for my kids, taught them in their young days, their relationship with Christ is key to every moment they experience. Their salvation is the solid foundation to see them through.

I may not always do this mother thing well, but I do my best and my kids know I love them. I had a wonderful teacher.

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