swimming with the dolphins

DSC_0191This cute, pesky pelican sat on this sign out on the pier every single day and loved to try to steal the fish and bait from people.
Ryan loved the deep bathtub and enjoyed his daily bath time
This last picture is one of my very favorite. It was very hard for Travis and me to let the trainer take Ryan out in the water – plus he was the first of us to swim out there – but we trusted her and let her take him out. I cried as Ryan was pulled in a big circle by Santini because it was so wonderful to see him have the experience. The time we spent with the dolphins was one of the best parts of the trip and we all had a blast with them. The trainers were amazing and we had them all to ourselves. The second dolphin, Reese, is Santini’s son and is only a year old so he is still learning all the tricks. It was fun to watch him swim next to his mom when she would pull us around in the water.

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