the adventure begins

We are ready to start our adventure! This afternoon a limo met us at Southeast HS and we picked up Brad then headed to Pound to get the middle two kids. We then went to Humann where all Ryan’s fifth grade classmates lined the long sidewalk to the street and clapped as we all walked down to the limo and took off. I was surprised how emotional I got. Make a Wish sure goes all out! We are being very spoiled for sure. Ryan is still up and down and is not at all 100% unfortunately, but we are trusting God for complete healing. He still can’t tolerate very much fluid in his stomach at one time and has to be tube fed every two hours. He isn’t getting the normal amount of nutrition he usually gets because of the gastroparesis that is keeping his stomach from emptying like it should. His intestines are working just fine though which is a blessing but to get the food in, we need his stomach to fully wake up. Please continue to pray for complete healing. It’s very hard to stay positive and not allow the fear of all the “what if’s” to creep in. We simply want him to enjoy this trip and to do that he needs good nutrition for energy. Thank you for your prayers.

If I have some down time I may update on the trip but otherwise I will post pictures when we get back. Thank you for your continued prayers. Blessings!

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