home sweet home

Ryan kept his formula and meds down today so we got to escape and come home.  He was so cute as we rounded the corner onto our street, I asked him if he wanted to take a bath.  He squealed and when we got in the house, he b-lined for the bathroom then proceeded to enjoy every last drop of hot water in the house.  He is tired but content this evening.  I’m sure he will sleep well and will sleep the day away tomorrow.  Unfortunately the hiccups have gotten ahold of him again and I will have to give him some Ativan to try to stop them.  This happened last night too and he hiccupped for hours on end.

No one ever decided why his stomach decided to stop digesting and emptying and that is usually not associated with a C Diff infection, but it is common with illness.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter.  I was very disappointed to find out he has C Diff but he has been on two antibiotics in the past two weeks trying to get rid of his cecostomy stoma infection.  And being on antibiotics can cause C Diff because he was on a broad spectrum drug that removed the good bacteria in his large intestine as well as the bad.  This can be a very difficult infection to get rid of unfortunately and we are praying Ryan’s body can fight it off quickly.  It’s also extremely contagious but with him not being able to stool without his flush, he is not really infectious except when we are changing his diaper because it’s transmitted by contact.  And we will be using gloves and taking every precaution to make sure we clean up well and do not spread the bacteria.  Hand washing is vital and I’ve already preached at the kids about washing their hands repeatedly to be on the safe side.

I’m just thankful to be home and especially glad Ryan’s stomach started working again.  All I could think about was the month long hospitalization we had two years ago when he ended up on TPN and came home on a feeding pump 24/7.  That wasn’t fun at all and I’m glad we aren’t repeating that experience.

Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate you all so much as you have been faithful to carry us through these difficult moments.  You are loved!

In the van driving home

In the van driving home

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