surgery tomorrow

Ryan had a good day today and had a lot more energy than I anticipated. He is well hydrated, and his labs are now all back in the normal range. We did not see the GI doctor today, but the hospitalist spoke with her and she has agreed to do surgery so we can bypass the stomach and feed Ryan directly into his small intestine. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. and I expect we will not go home until Tuesday. Both sets of grandparents were up today and we all had a nice visit together. Sidney and Trevor have been here all afternoon and evening and all three of us are ready to get home and get some sleep. Travis will be staying with Ryan and we have had wonderful nurses so I know they will be in good hands tonight. Thank you once again for all of your prayers and as usual, I will keep you updated as I know more tomorrow. The surgery should be quick and easy as he has been through it before so I don’t expect any bumps in the road.

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