2nd time is a charm, right?!

Well we missed Children’s Hospital so much we just had to come back! Yesterday was our last day with Brady and CeCe in town before they headed back to Idaho today, and Ryan had a very rough day. He threw up, was gagging, and was not digesting anything we put in his stomach even in small amounts. Last night he threw his meds and at that point we absolutely knew we had to come back for an inpatient stay. So this morning Travis, Ryan and I got up and headed to Omaha. We are now settled in a room and tomorrow the GI doctor will come up to determine what the next step will be. All the other doctors agree that surgery to insert a G/J tube is our best bet. If we could feed him in his small intestine and bypass the stomach, we would be able to stay home and avoid dehydration and lengthy hospitalizations. We have done this before long term and while it’s a pain to deal with beeping pumps in the middle of the night, it’s much better than the alternative we are doing right now. Travis and I are seriously thinking about buying a king size bed and having Ryan sleep in our room with us. That would help us to get more sleep because we wouldn’t be in and out of bed every time his pump beeps. One step at a time, and right now we just have to get him healthy. Last week when we were admitted, Ryan weighed 89 pounds which was down from 100 pounds several months ago. And today, only one week later, he is down to 83 pounds. He obviously is not doing well in spite of us having fed him every 2 hours for the entire week. While it’s boring sitting in a hospital all day, I am thankful we have access to an amazing children’s hospital only one hour from home, and three older kids who are independent and reliable.

We appreciate your prayers, and I will update tomorrow after we talk to the GI doctor and have a plan in place. Love to you all!

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