surgery tomorrow


Thursday, June 4, Ryan is having surgery.  It is nothing major, just a simple endoscopy and G/J tube change.  We have been very blessed so far to not have any post op complications and are praying tomorrow will follow suit.  A few months ago we started noticing Ryan’s J tube (feeds formula into his small intestine) was not working right.  As of two weeks ago, it is completely unusable.  After an abdominal xray, we found out the tube had coiled back up into the stomach.  We have been doing all his tube feeds into his G tube now which feeds directly into the stomach.  The problem is that his stomach likes to act up and stop emptying in a reasonable time frame (gastroparesis) which causes vomiting.  To combat this, he has had a G/J tube for some time now, and it has been a lifesaver.  He gets his tube feedings 18 hours every day into his small intestine and his medications twice a day into his stomach.  It works!  So off to surgery we go to get the tube replaced.  The doctor will do an upper scope and take some biopsies as well just to make sure things are OK in there since his large intestine has already stopped working and we have no idea why.

Otherwise things are well on the home front.  Busy does not even begin to describe our summer, but it is all good things.  We have numerous sport camps and clinics, leadership camp, FCA camp, sports conditioning, golf tournaments, vacations, PT and OT, a boys trip to Colorado, you name it we are doing it.  There is not a week where most days are not filled with some activity, usually more than one.  It keeps the kids busy, they are having fun which is important,and thankfully they are not overloaded.

I will update tomorrow after Ryan is out of surgery.  We have to be there at 7:45 and surgery is scheduled for 9:15.  We appreciate your prayers and anticipate things will go smoothly.  God’s got this, so I am not going to worry.

Much love to you all!

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