surgery 12 is in the books

Ry surgery

Someone was less than thrilled with the people coming in to “bother” him before surgery and kept covering his face.Sid & Ry

Ryan did just fine this morning and is now cuddled on the couch with Sidney sound asleep.  The surgery itself lasted less than 20 minutes; his G/J tube was replaced, his upper GI system was scoped and biopsies were taken.  He did great.  This was the first time he has had surgery at Boystown, and the staff there was excellent.  The anesthesiologist got a bit hung up on Ryan’s seizures, but I calmly assured him there have been absolutely no issues getting general anesthesia well over twenty times with all his surgeries, dental work, CTs and MRIs.  And sure enough, he came through in his usual fashion like the champ he is.  He will need another dental procedure this summer which will require doing this all over again, but Ryan’s dentist does his procedures at the Catholic hospital here because they have the most state of the art equipment.  Other than that, we do not have anything else scheduled medically for him aside from the usual biweekly therapies at Madonna.  Thank you, once again, for sustaining Ryan and the rest of us with your prayers.  We know the Lord honors them, and we greatly appreciate your support over the years.

Much love to you all!


One thought on “surgery 12 is in the books

  1. Well I sent Ryan a get well card and got it back today. Looked at address and had one number missing out of it and wrong zip. Hoping to mail it out tomorrow and he will get it ok.
    How is he doing since home now and is feeding tube working ok now?
    Praying and you all are a blessing of Jesus.
    Read where Jason and 4 children are traveling this summer with their RV and this will be great for them. Hope they get to Lincoln and stop and see you all.
    1 Thess. 5:17 ” Pray without ceasing”. Doing that for all on my prayer list.
    Love & Prayers,

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