We are more than a month into summer which means there are now only six weeks before the next school year begins.  Six week that will fly by with camps, trips, fun dates, work and friends.  Six weeks until we have three high schoolers, one in his last year.  I can hardly think about this being our last football season, let alone think about this being Brad’s graduation year.  One thing at a time for this momma.

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We just returned from a week in Park City, Utah, where we rented a huge house with a pool with Travis’ brother, his family and their parents.  There were 13 of us, and we had a blast.  It was a great week with lots of laughter, wrestling, playing games, crazy jumps and flips off the diving board, rafting, alpine slides and coaster, a distillery tour, hiking.  I highly recommend a trip to Park City as it is a beautiful, relaxing place to visit.  Just 20 minutes on the East side of the mountains from Salt Lake, the city is very nice and there is so much to do.  Brad and I took off for two hours one evening so I could take some senior pictures.  For someone who has not taken a photography class since my sophomore year of high school, I think I did pretty good.  We will take more in the next few weeks with his golf clubs and drum set, but this was a good start.  And we had a lot of fun too.


Travis and I are staying very busy with work, taxiing kids around and trying to keep schedules straight.  Such is life with kids as all our other friends in the same boat are experiencing.  Some days I long for the days of old when the kids were littles, and we still had routines and nap time every day.  But I look at them now and appreciate the more mature, relational connections we have made.  They are fun at all ages, but I have to say these teen years have been such a blessing. As busy as we are, I would not change a thing and absolutely enjoy the kids God has given us.

Much love to you all!

One thought on “summer

  1. Sound like you guys had a ball and the pictures of your son are they for his SR pictures? Really good. All of them all. So glad you guys had this time away and together.
    God Bless you all.
    Love & prayers,

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