family and football

It was a fun, but busy, weekend.  Saturday we celebrated Trav’s dad’s 29th birthday again with breakfast and cake.  The kids made me laugh with their “we never get cake for breakfast” talk.  What do they think the difference is between a piece of cake and a donut?

In the evening we went to Valentino’s with my dad, his wife and my sister’s family then headed to the hotel to swim.  It was nice to have the pool to ourselves and even Ryan decided to join the fun.

He wasn’t so sure about the water at first but once he realized grandpa and sissy would give him balls to throw in the pool, he was all squeals and smiles.

And like usual, when he was done, he let us know by standing at the door.  I took him back to the room for a nice warm, relaxing bath while everyone finished swimming.

Then it was off to football today as the season started for the boys. They both won their games with shut outs which is always a nice confidence booster, and it’s hard to believe how much bigger and more aggressive they have gotten this year.

The quality of Brad’s team photo isn’t the best but I didn’t get my camera out in time and had to get this photo from another mom but you can still see how big they are.  I can’t believe next year we’ll be moving on to JV with Brad, but I’m going to enjoy every minute I can with both the boys since one of these days I know how much I’ll miss this…..even with the foul-smelling, cluttered mess this season brings with helmets, pads, practice jerseys and pants, game uniforms, shoes and water bottles all over the place.

And this week we add volleyball to the mix which is exciting.  How we managed three games every Sunday last year and will do again this year I’m not sure, but it’s fun while it lasts!

2 thoughts on “family and football

  1. Great to see you all for Gpa’s Bday at the rib ranch. That food was really good-yum. Love all the pics!! Gpa Jim looks good for his real age (@%) ! Swimming looked fun and then the football guys…been close enuf to a football team once and didn’t care for the smell ;[ Hope we can make it to a Sunday a games this fall…if we don’t overbook ourselves as usual. Love to all the McC’s on lemonade lane!!!!!!

  2. Once again. Great pics. Happy belated birthday to your dad. I had my first high school football game this weekend to. First one in years. Went with family. The home team won 30 to 0. Great first game. Afterwards we all went to my nieces house for some homemade pizza and cheese cakes. Then we all sat around and listened to some music and had some drinks around the fire pit. Was fun to get away even tho we were worried about my nephew and his wife on the east coast. Ryan sure is getting tall. I am looking forward to hearing more about the boys and Sidney’s games this year. Take Care and sending love your way. 🙂

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