i dream of the beach

Today I would like to be here….

but instead I am at home doing this….

with Travis’s help of course.

And the kids?  Well, they are off with their friends riding bikes, playing, being kids.  All I know is that when they get home, they have a list a mile long of chores they need to do before bed. And they won’t be happy about it.  At all.  Because they were asked a couple of days ago to get their chores done, and they didn’t as usual because I didn’t nag them a hundred times. I know, we are the worst parents in the world because we actually  make our kids help with the cleaning, do their own laundry, have responsibilities around the house like scrubbing bathrooms and picking up after the dog. I guess if that earns me one of these, then I’ve done my job.

At least I know when they are on their own someday, they will know how to cook, clean, work hard and manage their own lives without relying on someone else so do everything for them…..which is a lot more than most people can say these days. And as for that beach I so want to be sitting on?  Well two weeks from today I’ll be there with my great friend, Becky.  This is the first time I’ve ever taken a real vacation with a friend and can hardly wait to relax with my nose in a book and my feet in the sand of Panama City Beach. Then in October Travis is heading northwest for a week to see his brother in Idaho, and they will be going here….

I’ve never been to Seattle and am extremely a bit jealous he gets to see it all without me, but he needs time with his brother. And time away from real life. It’s just too bad we can’t get a vacation in together, but time with friends/family is a good thing. And I’m pretty sure my kids will also want a vacation after they work their rear ends off this afternoon.  I think this is the only “vacation” they are going to see for a while!

3 thoughts on “i dream of the beach

  1. When my kids were young, they too had “chores”. I tried to alternate them so that they couldn’t blame me for favoritism. Only now that they’re grown have I come to learn that my daughter did all the work, while her brother bribed her to do his portion. My brother did the same thing when I was a kid. Must run in the family! I used to call my kids my Merry Maids. Boy, did they HATE that! Made them the very opposite of Merry!

  2. I am in strong competition for that worst mom award. I can’t tell you how many times I hear how horrible we are for the requirements and rules we have. Must mean we are doing our job 🙂 Just last night Nath said “but all my friends… ” to something we had said and David said, “really, let me give a call to Travis or Doug. I bet they can confirm I’m not the only Dad that says so.” It’s good to have friends like you!

  3. So glad your getting that beach trip. I am heading to Atlantic beach and maybe Emerald Isle again next summer. You sure can come along anytime you want. I love flying but having someone with would make the trip even better. I have seen Seattle or I actually lived on an Island a few miles from there a decade or so ago. Travis is sure to enjoy his time with his brother. I love your post it made me smile. 🙂 The kids need to learn chores I was not happy either back in the day but today I am pleased my parents were strict in making me do them. I can actually cook and do my laundry. Thanks mom.

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