let freedom ring

Yesterday I took the kids out of school at noon and we spent the afternoon at the air show; it was a special invite only event for disabled vets, special needs kids and adults and their families. And we had the perfect day to go with it!  Not too hot with a much-needed breeze, sunny with occasional relief from the clouds.  Travis was working the event and spent the entire afternoon driving an ATV around; the kids had a lot of fun jumping in the back and riding around with him.

Ryan lasted about 1 1/2 hrs as we walked around looking at the planes before the heat, wind and sun got to him.  Once the planes started flying overhead, it was simply too much so I took him back to the SUV and we watched the rest of the show from the fence line.  He was perfectly happy to sit in the back seat for 2 hrs so the older kids didn’t have to miss out on anything.  Here are just a few of the many pictures we took.  Sorry about the quality of the pics but since I dropped my phone in the toilet last week (yes, a very proud moment!) I have had to resort to using a digital camera that isn’t as good as the one on my phone.

This plane is from Anchorage, Alaska.  We were the only ones on it at the time so the kids got to hear all kinds of great stories from the pilot and loadmaster about the plane.  This one in particular has carried Willy, the killer whale, three times as well as an elephant.  It can also fit three Black Hawks.  Trevor loved hearing about the logistics involved in getting everything loaded in just the right spot so the plane can fly.

While I was sitting outside the SUV watching the planes, a very sweet veteran came over and shared stories about his years in the Navy.  He told me all about the planes, helicopters and tanks, but my favorite part of our time together right outside that fence line was watching the excitement on his face as the planes flew over us.  Thank you to all our military heroes!

2 thoughts on “let freedom ring

  1. Looks like fun. You will have to have Trevor check out my photos from the air show in North Carolina last year. I have them on my fb albums. This was suppose to be the world’s largest show.

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