getting fluids

Well, I am in the ER with Ryan this morning. He still had fluid in his stomach this morning and I knew by looking at it he probably had an ileus. I brought him to the ER I work in since these people are my second family. We did an abdominal xray and he is getting rehydrated with his IV. He has a lot of stool in his lower intestines but I decided to do an enema at home later so it’s less traumatic for him. The radiologist also read his xray and said he does indeed have a mild ileus just
as I expected. I’m hoping we can go home since he is getting rehydrated. I know how to give small amts of Pedialyte in his tube and measure for residuals so I know how much he is absorbing. We can always reassess in the morning and I can take him to the pediatrician if needed. Please continue to pray for complete restoration of his abdomen so we can stay home as a family. I will keep you updated. Hopefully we’ll be heading home in an hour or so.

2 thoughts on “getting fluids

  1. Kim,
    Still praying! I’m glad you were able to get him into the ER and taken care of. Let me know if you need anything or I can do anything – errands, running the kids somewhere, etc.
    Lisa English

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