rest and healing

I enjoyed a very relaxing day at home with Ryan thanks to Arbor Day. When you work for the state, everything is a holiday (I’m not complaining at all!). I’m very blessed with great benefits and lots of paid days off. Ryan slept all morning as usual; Travis had to renew his CPR and first aid so he was not home all morning. I woke Ryan to take him for another abdominal xray and once he moved around he started throwing up again. After a much needed bath and Travis coming home, we went for the xray which Ryan was not at all thrilled about. I was glad we were both there to hold him down. I talked to our pediatrician this evening and the GI doctor as well, and the xray of Ryan’s abdomen is normal. He isn’t constipated, there isn’t any air. So…..we have no idea why he is still throwing up occasionally, has no appetite, is sleeping more and hasn’t pooped in over a week. I was irritated and stressed and emotional. I had a good cry, yelled, cried some more, talked to my sister, and now I’m over it. We have a prescription for Zofran and are going to lay off the formula this weekend and only give him Pedialye to let his intestines calm down. The doctors have no idea what’s going on so we are treating symptoms and hoping that’s all he needs and it doesn’t turn out to be something more. Hopefully this is all the result of a virus and after the weekend Ryan will be back to his normal. I have to trust God for healing. He’s a big God we serve!

Tonight my dad and his wife are coming to Lincoln and spending the night. They are taking all the grandkids out for pizza and then back to the hotel to swim. My sister and BIL are heading to Omaha for a fundraiser while Travis and I go out for dinner and to see Larry the Cable Guy downtown with friends. Thankfully Lyndsey, our beloved respite, will be home with Ryan so he can relax and rest. There simply isn’t anyone else in the world I trust more than our Lyndsey to love on Ryan right now. She’s the best and we are so very thankful for her big heart and love for our boy.

Please continue to pray with us for complete healing of Ryan’s GI system so we can take this Make a Wish trip and not have to worry about Ryan’s health while we are gone. Again, we appreciate your prayers and support.

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