More tummy trouble

Unfortunately Ryan’s tummy troubles are continuing and he is not digesting his formula. He threw up earlier today and later we had to empty his tummy because nothing was digesting and he started gagging. He is still very weak and cannot walk without help. Travis and I will be taking him back up to Children’s in the morning to be hospitalized again.

I am hoping they will put a G/J tube in so we can bypass his stomach and feed him at home with the feeding pump straight into his small intestine. While it isn’t ideal, we have gone this before and can avoid continued hospitalizations. I am not certain they will let him go to the OR when he has C Diff even though he’s been on antibiotics for a week. Do any of my nurse friends know?

We are very stressed as you can imagine.  Please pray for our family; your prayers mean so very much. I will update tomorrow after we are settled.

3 thoughts on “More tummy trouble

  1. Praying for your little family all night long that The LORD will give you peace and strength for this day…and every day ahead. Knowing that He is holding you all in His loving arms. Love…..

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